In 1965 a project of luxury hotel on Caledonian territory was launched, launched by a group of Caledonian and American investors. This is the birth certificate of the Château Royal Hotel.

The company UTH (Union Touristique et hôtelière) was in charge of the hotel management and decided in 1969 to increase the hotel’s capacity to 250 rooms. The extension opened to the public in 1973.

In 1979, the owners of the Château Royal rented the property to a subsidiary of Club Méditerranée. Club Med was then very popular, most of the guests came from Australia and New Zealand. As for the Caledonians, many keep nostalgia for this emblematic period of the tourism growth.

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In 2001 Club Med left the territory. In 2008 the decision to renovate the main building was initiated. It was then decided to transform the 250-room hotel into 110 one- and two-bedroom suites with multipurpose rooms and a wellness center.

The CNCT company (Compagnie Nouvelle Calédonie Tourisme) carried out this project.

The official opening of the hotel took place on February 21, 2011 .

Thereafter, a relaxation center and The Aqua Royal Spa have been added to the the hotel, on the ground floor, as well as a bars, restaurants and entertainment section.

In March 2013 the hotel resumed its original name and became Château Royal Beach Resort & Spa.